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  • Awesome Suburban Sasquatch Review

    A nice Suburban Sasquatch review, over here!

    Malevolent Ascent Review

    A review just came in from 10kBullets on Malevolent Ascent - check it out here.

    Interview for Suburban Sasquatch

    Awesome interview from that team at No Budget Nightmares - go look now!


    Thanks to the Film Snobbery guys for a great interview and reviews - check it out in Episode 16.

    Exclusive Theatre Run!

    Our newest film, "Malevolent Ascent", is now showing exclusively in the Cinema 16:9 Theatre in Lansdowne. We are proud and excited to have this multiple-day run of the film, and would love for you to see it on the big screen! Tickets will be available at the theatre. Malevolent Ascent is the latest film from Troubled Moon Films: a thrilling movie where a psychopath chases a group of unwary victims trapped in the rubble of an asylum! Perfect for Halloween week! Show dates and times are below: Cinema 16:9, 35 N Lansdowne Ave Lansdowne, PA 19050 (484) 469-0169 10/22: 8pm and 10pm 10/23: 8pm and 10pm 10/24: 8pm and 10pm 10/25: 8pm 10/26: 9:30pm 10/27: 9:30pm 10/28: 8:30pm and 9:30pm 10/30: 8pm 10/31: 8pm


    Check out who's watching Suburban Sasquatch!

    Here's an article on technical video equipment, where we see a University Alum working with professional video equipment - check out the monitor! Its SUBURBAN SASQUATCH!


    Malevolent Ascent Actor Interview

    Damien Colletti, featured in 2010's "Malevolent Ascent", is interviewed on his most recent roles: Check it out!

    Infinities Lock Premiere Video!

    Infinities Lock premiered at the Balticon Science Fiction Convention in mid-2009. The cast and crew made a great road trip (with a room provided by Bill Ushler!) to the premiere. Check out the video where we are on-stage answering questions before the films premiere and talking about TMF's history!

    MALEVOLENT ASCENT teaser is now online!

    MALEVOLENT ASCENT teaser is now online! Check it out in the FILMS > Malevolent Ascent page!

    Malevolent Ascent Cast Member Interview

    Damien Colletti, lead for 2010's "Malevolent Ascent", is featured not only in As The World Turns but was interviewed recently. Go read it!

    Suburban Sasquatch in LA!

    Suburban Sasquatch being screened in LA on November 14, attended by some of "The Simpsons" team members! Screened at their monthly get together of horror and cult films, they've chosen Suburban Sasquatch for their latest exploit. Troubled Moon Films graced their efforts with signed posters and covers as free giveaways!

    Infinities Lock Review

    A new review for INFINITIES LOCK! Great stuff as always from Rogue Cinema!

    Infinities Lock Premiere pix

    Our latest release, Infinities Lock, had its premiere in Balticon this year. And we have the exclusive embarrassing pictures for you all to see! Dont worry all the XXX ones have been removed. Check them out here!

    Another Fungicide Review

    Fungicide has been a great mainstay within Troubled Moon Films since its completion in late 2002. Still yet another review has come in. Check it out here!

    Fungicide video review - hilarious!

    Fungicide, our hit film that just keeps on giving, just got a real funny video review over at B movie dumpster. Check it out - while its a long review of the entire film and goes into detail, its a short version of the fun that people have sitting around dissecting the movie. You can catch both the video review and an interview with me on their site here.

    Suburban Sasquatch featured on TV!

    Suburban Sasquatch, our 2004 DVD release is going to be a feature for G4 TV's newest show, "Web Soup". Episode 2 airing on June 21th at 9pm on the G4 network will feature Suburban Sasquatch getting skewered during this funny web-video show! E! Entertainment Network contacted Troubled Moon Films and talked about how the shows producers liked the film and thought that it would fit in well with the format. Be sure to turn in to watch!

    Infinities Lock Premiere

    Infinities Lock, the latest movie from Troubled Moon Films, is set to premiere at the 43rd Balticon Science Fiction and Fantasy convention in Baltimore Maryland this Memorial Day weekend. A special midnight screening will delight the audience to this latest work from TMF. Infinities Lock is in two different forms; the final 98 minute version, and the "friday night directors cut" at 77 minutes. This latter version will show only once, at the premiere, and only be available on the Troubled Moon Films website store as part of a two pack with the original cut of the film.

    Malevolent Ascent Production Update

    MALEVOLENT ASCENT, Troubled Moon Films 7th feature film, has been in post-production for nearly a month now. This is TMF's first thriller, and we hope to branch out into new territory with this film. This was the first set-driven film we've done, and the effort was fantastic. The sets looked great, and were enhanced with green-screen filming as well. First test results for a few scenes have come back looking stunning. This film will be a standout when its released in 2010! Check out the FILMS link to learn more about this exciting movie!

    2011 Releases Planned

    Troubled Moon Films has started writing the next two films, planned for release in 2011. The 2012 release is being drafted as well. One of them will follow in the vein of Fungicide and Zombies by Design in terms of humor and gore. We are always looking for talent that want to be part of these cult favorites! Please see the Contact page to get in touch with the producers if you're interested.