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Adventures of the Haunted Hunted

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The worlds dumbest paranormal investigators take on local haunted houses in this tongue-in-cheek look at ghost investigation shows.


Malevolent Ascent

Strangers in an elevator. A patient in a straightjacket. An incident that will change their lives forever.


Infinities Lock

When a US Ambassadors plane is missing over the remote jungles of South America, it's up to a team of special forces marines to rescue him! Soon find more than they bargained for, when creatures begin picking them off in the forest one by one! Suddenly they've stumbled onto a plot and secret so devastatingly powerful, that the world must never know....


Zombies By Design

Take one reality tv show, add a mad scientist in marital difficulty, throw in a heap of zombies and what do you get? This outrageous horror/comedy/action film! Join the crew as they attempt to renovate a scary house and discover a terrifying secret - blood thirsty zombies! From the writers of Fungicide comes this b-movie extraveganza!



A scifi/psychological/horror film! Aliens are invating John's mind - unless, John isn't all he seems. Featuring outstanding acting by Juan Fernandez, this film is an homage to such thrillers as Suspiria!


Suburban Sasquatch

Bigfoot is on the loose in a suburban town, extracting revenge on the populace for over-building. But is out for more than blood? You bet, when women start being taken captive! It's up to the police force and an intrepid reporter to track down this beast, along with the aid of the beautiful Talla, whos mission it is to keep the beast under control. One of our biggest hits!



A mad scientist takes a break at a bed and breakfast, operated by a kooky hippie-child. When his formula gets out on the loose, the result is chaos! Mushrooms start growing (and boy do they grow!) out of control and into the populous! It's up to the clueless guests and the greedy townsfolk to stop these evil mushrooms before they beat the crap out of everyone!