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"Director Dave Wascavage’s Tartarus is a visionary masterpiece, not quite like any micro-budget film you've ever seen before, nor will likely ever see again. Hard to define, this film is a disturbing, evocative excursion into the human psyche, merging elements of folklore, urban legend and traditional nightmare scenarios, into an unforgettably daring visual palette"JAMIE LISK, MICROCINEMA SCENE

"...makes you feel like you're in some bizarro nightmare world that you can't get out of. Juan Fernandez did an amazingly great job in his role as the tortured John. He showed a wide emotional range and handled every situation where he had to interact with CGI like a pro..."DUANE MARTIN, ROGUE CINEMA

"The positively stirring part about "Tartarus" is that it's pretty much a one-man show, with some solid help from the supporting cast. Juan Fernandez is pretty much all by his onesies on this one, and the man is GOOD. He conveys a sense of fear and terror at his unknown surroundings and pursuers in a truly classic sense. Frankly, Fernandez's performance actually makes me believe something's after him.." FILM THREAT MAGAZINE