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Infinities Lock

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When the US ambassadors plane mysteriously crashes, its up to a team of Special Forces Marines to perform an extract mission. They soon come under attack - but the enemy isnt clear. Is it terrorists? Or are they creature, unlike anything seen in this universe! The team soon uncover a mystery so old, that to reveal its secrets to the world would spell certain doom!

Infinities Lock is a bold step from Troubled Moon Films - venturing into action/horror/sci-fi/adventure, this film maintains a cutting-edge pace and great acting to bring you a story like none other. Available in two versions, a limited 2 disc set including 2 different versions of the film and the standard version. Sure to be a classic!

Infinties Lock premiered at the May 2009 Balticon Sci Fi Convention. A few of the cast and crew could attend this event, and of course things went downhill fast. Here are some pictures from the Premiere. Check them out here!