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"Like Tartarus, 2002‘s Fungicide is a film clearly off the beaten path -- and is, for sure, something you’ve not seen before or since. Ripe with humour and some of the craziest mushroom hand-to-hand combat action you’ll ever see, this film is sure to be a hit at parties..."JAMIE LISK, MICROCINEMA SCENE

"...this one will be enjoyed by anyone who can appreciate goofy humor. .."DUANE MARTIN, ROGUE CINEMA

What happens when a crazed scientist inadvertently unleashes his experiement on the inhabitants of a remote cabin resort? Chaos, mushrooms and death! Fungicide is full-length feature film of action, comedy, horror and mushrooms! From the bizarre minds that brought you Revenge of the Intergalactic Earth Chomping Space Marauder comes Fungicide, a tale of horror/action/comedy that is not to be missed. Fans of campy horror films will be sure to love this feature film!


Set in the present day, deep in the woods, a bed and breakfast owner has premonitions of something evil. Darkness descends upon her tranquil mountainside, as guests are greated by an unwanted evil fate. Bodies begin piling up and the mysterious scientist reveals the truth behind his experiments. Eventually, there becomes no way out for our guests, uttil they battle the mushrooms in a savage, all-out war! Will anyone survive?

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